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For thousands of years ostrich eggs have been used in the Southern parts of Africa to store water by semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers.  Buried under the hot sand, the water in the ostrich egg keeps cool, and is saved for future use.

As water is becoming an increasingly scare commodity globally, African Water aims to create awareness for water conservation by telling stories from Africa. 

There are hundreds of animals and plants in Africa that are dependent upon water for their survival.  By telling their stories we hope to encourage people to use water sparingly so that our future generations might also have the privilege of seeing these animals and plants in the wild.

African Water draws inspiration from the water containment and conservation technique used by the nomadic hunter-gatherers in the southern parts of Africa.

We want to share with the world amazing facts about these animals and plants and how they rely on and conserve water.

Each of our ostrich egg water bottles, filled with top quality water, features an African animal. Facts about these magnificent animals can be found on this site.

And you can African Water - collect and share virtual stickers about each one that you can share with your friends on your Facebook and Pinterest pages. You'll be spreading knowledge and awareness while sipping on delicious water in your own "ostrich egg."

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